About Us

Welcome! Monica and Ashton here! We are a Mother/Daughter duo who are passionate about what we do. When people ask us how we  got here the first words out of our mouths are, “It was such a God thing!”We started our women's clothing boutique in 2019.  A small little shop in Bowling Green, KY.  It may look like we just decided to start a boutique and did it but there is so much more. It was never just about starting a business; it is a calling God placed on our hearts. It was a process. A process to get us where we needed to be individually before we could come alongside other women to cheer them on. In January 2022 we purchased Willow Hill Marketplace. We have LOVED adding Decor and Gift to our lineup! We are in a beautiful little town off the square, Franklin, KY. Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our small business. We truly do appreciate YOU!