Coconut Cream Milk Bath Soak

Coconut Cream Milk Bath Soak

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95% Natural | NOT Vegan (contains cows milk) | Gluten-Free

Our top-selling Coconut Cream shea butter bar soap now comes to life in this completely irresistible Coconut Cream Bath Soak. It brings buttery smoothness to bathwater and instant calm to irritated skin, with a scent that is downright dreamy.

This jar is pure wholesome goodness – down to the Chicory Root that soothes upset skin and helps reduce inflammation and swelling while soaking in a luxurious bath. With Sweet Almond Oil, you'll feel perfectly soft. The fine sifted pure whole powdered milk is rich in twenty essential amino acids, vitamins and the sweet fats that make milk the ultimate skin softener. Plus coconut milk is high in saturated fats and coconut oil, which nourish skin and help prevent water loss. Ooh-La-Love!

Like all FarmHouse Fresh products, our Coconut Cream bath soak is free of Parabens & Sulfates.